It’s that time of year again … YAY…

So the big day is almost here …  Tomorrow starts the  2012 NFL season and my COWBOYS kick off the season against the Giants… its a huge game for them being the Ny Giants are the defending Super Bowl Champs and a division rival ….I would really love to see the Boys win this game.. it could be the start to a bright season.. it would also shut up the Big mouthed cocky Giant fans that have nothing better to so than hate on the Cowboys …As a Cowboys fan its always so funny to hear how much ppl hate the Dallas Cowboys(i.e. Giant fans ) but yet can never stop talking bout them. ( Cowboys this Cowboys that ) … I dont know about u but when I despise something I try to stay far away as possible from it not bring it around me … HUMM   Maybe that’s just a Giants fan way of  really saying that there an undercover COWBOYS fans and own a Romo jersey LOL j/k  we dont want Giant fans in the COWBOYS NATION… but on the real I lovefootball and the Dallas Cowboys …  Lets Go Cowboys beat those Giants….  show them that this is our year  ..









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