For the longest now i have been fantasizing about wearing a strapon and using it on a mans A**  or even just being able to Dildo him  .. Is this normal for a woman to want to do this to a  man …. Im a little embarrassed to bring it up to my male friends or even the man that I’m with to see where they stand on the matter  .. I hear alot that it’s a great orgasmic feeling for a man to have his prostate stimulate ( which in case u didn’t know is accessible thru the mans rectum right under the bladder- picture below exhibit A)… they say the man’s prostate is his “P” spot if so then why do men not want to feel this.. come on men take charge and start to embrace a little anal play for yourself …  cause I know from a females perspective having the big “O” is a wonderful feeling ( yes please ) … Actually just writing about strapping on and having at it on a man’s behind is getting me all wet (biting upper lip ) .. If I do get to do it a brave man I want to dress up as a horny sexii nurse or a female dominatrix .. would defiantly let the man decide which he preferred ….   I know probably in today’s world one must think that I got this idea from reading the “50 Shades’ book.. but no i have yet to read it so I’m not even sure that male anal play or prostate massaging is referenced at all in the book… if it is I may just actually go and read it to see how warped my mind really is .. heck I’ll even settle for a finger to start but on a final note please please please men embrace your inner manhood and let a female have some fun today u may even like it


example of a possible toy I would love to try on a very special man… ( WINK WINK ANY TAKERS )



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