Ok so on occasion I get to catch an episode or two of the Extreme Couponing show on TLC … its really amazing how much money these people save doing this … so of course I was really thinking of couponing myself … so I made my mom watch the show as well figuring the two of us together could really save some money … So my mom watched and then bought to my attention a real good observation .. these couponers aren’t buying any types of meats or cold cuts that i can see.. So here’s my question to all u couponers out there are you using coupons for meat or just buy that at price value or not really eat meats or cold cuts … Cause if that’s the case I’m not sure if its really worth it to coupon for a person like me, and then to waste all that time and effort when we don’t really eat alot of dried/ canned foods which is what im seeing most of the couponers getting  .. thinking that it may still be worth.. it if you save X amount of money a year the meats/ coldcuts couldn’t possibly equal the amount of savings or can they .. Hum any feedback couponer or not might would be appreciated and helpful… so basically to COUPON or Not to COUPON that is the question …  


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