I just seen this Cake Martini recipe and it looks absolutely delicious… I love to mix drinks and bartend for my friends.. I’m not a real big drinker but when I find a mixed drink I like its a wrap.. Right now Malibu Baybreezes maybe my drink of choice that may change .. Lets C what happens after i try this one …  Please if anyone else tries this recipe let me know how it is…  HAPPY DRINKING

To make the marshmallow-infused cake vodka you’ll need:Image

1 750 ml bottle cake-flavored vodka
1 16 oz bag marshmallows
large clean jar with tight fitting lid

Place marshmallows in jar.
Pour in vodka.
Seal and allow to sit for 24 hours.
Strain through a double layer of dampened cheesecloth. Dampening the cheesecloth stops it from soaking up any of the vodka.
Store in sealed bottle in refrigerator. Keeps for several weeks.


To create the cake-tini you’ll need:
2 ounces marshmallow-infused cake vodka
2 ounces cherry soda
1 maraschino cherry

Chill all ingredients.
Pour vodka and soda into a mixing glass – stir.
Pour into martini glass.
Drop cherry in bottom.




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