Red robin just opened up in my area @the woodbridge mall .. So Today I went to Red Robin (YUM) for the first time ever.. I was so excited as I would imagine anyone would be I thought it was a fast food like chain but to my surprise it was a restaurant with a bar and all ( I may just like this place )  … well let me tell you I was SO SO disappointed it first started when I tried to take my order to go I was told to go to the bar then at the bar got told I had to sit and eat because they were only open less than a month WEIRD but Ok not a problem.. I sat down because I still was so excited to try Red Robin I first noticed that not a single server or employee for that matter had a smile on there face… I ordered my food..  I got asked how I wanted my burger cooked the person I was with was never asked guess they figured since we were together we wanted our burgers cooked the same way it took some time but was expected as it had just opened up in the area and this didnt bother me at all …Red Robin in case you did not know is known for there bottomless Fries… Ok so my partner got asked if he wanted more fries, me not at all… I had to ask for them myself and then had to ask twice  I had seen that managers were going around so figured one of them would eventually come over and ask how things were going  ..since the restaurant is still so new and all one would think they would appreciate the input.. NOPE that never happened the while time I was there not a single one of the 2 managers that I saw that were on duty even addressed me… it was like I was invisible .. I kinda felt discriminated against just couldnt figure out why??? Then to top it off to me the food was just OK .. nothing special to say I have to go back or even to recommend to anyone.. well Red Robin U have failed me …  Not a fan of Red Robin  two giant thumbs down  


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