Just Sunday

Ever since I was a little girl I always though of Sunday’s as going out for Breakfast day… I love to cook just hate to make breakfast … generally my breakfast consists of  egg whites and a cup of coffee ( hold back the excitement ) .. so when Sunday comes I hear Denny’s and there whole wheat pancakes with Pecan (can we say YUM) … So I decided to change up my Sunday routine of going out to breakfast and grabed a wrap for lunch at my local Quick Check store which normally does a good job on subs ..But tell me why today I ordered a turkey wrap and when I get home I had a tuna wrap, to make it worse the sub was actually marked turkey #EPICFAIL .. I ate it cause I really didnt feel like driving back but just feel that ppl that work in customer service should take a second longer to make sure they got the customers orders right … I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate someone messing there order up …  til next blog XOXOXO


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