For the longest now i have been fantasizing about wearing a strapon and using it on a mans A**  or even just being able to Dildo him  .. Is this normal for a woman to want to do this to a  man …. Im a little embarrassed to bring it up to my male friends or even the man that I’m with to see where they stand on the matter  .. I hear alot that it’s a great orgasmic feeling for a man to have his prostate stimulate ( which in case u didn’t know is accessible thru the mans rectum right under the bladder- picture below exhibit A)… they say the man’s prostate is his “P” spot if so then why do men not want to feel this.. come on men take charge and start to embrace a little anal play for yourself …  cause I know from a females perspective having the big “O” is a wonderful feeling ( yes please ) … Actually just writing about strapping on and having at it on a man’s behind is getting me all wet (biting upper lip ) .. If I do get to do it a brave man I want to dress up as a horny sexii nurse or a female dominatrix .. would defiantly let the man decide which he preferred ….   I know probably in today’s world one must think that I got this idea from reading the “50 Shades’ book.. but no i have yet to read it so I’m not even sure that male anal play or prostate massaging is referenced at all in the book… if it is I may just actually go and read it to see how warped my mind really is .. heck I’ll even settle for a finger to start but on a final note please please please men embrace your inner manhood and let a female have some fun today u may even like it


example of a possible toy I would love to try on a very special man… ( WINK WINK ANY TAKERS )




Ok so on occasion I get to catch an episode or two of the Extreme Couponing show on TLC … its really amazing how much money these people save doing this … so of course I was really thinking of couponing myself … so I made my mom watch the show as well figuring the two of us together could really save some money … So my mom watched and then bought to my attention a real good observation .. these couponers aren’t buying any types of meats or cold cuts that i can see.. So here’s my question to all u couponers out there are you using coupons for meat or just buy that at price value or not really eat meats or cold cuts … Cause if that’s the case I’m not sure if its really worth it to coupon for a person like me, and then to waste all that time and effort when we don’t really eat alot of dried/ canned foods which is what im seeing most of the couponers getting  .. thinking that it may still be worth.. it if you save X amount of money a year the meats/ coldcuts couldn’t possibly equal the amount of savings or can they .. Hum any feedback couponer or not might would be appreciated and helpful… so basically to COUPON or Not to COUPON that is the question …  


I just seen this Cake Martini recipe and it looks absolutely delicious… I love to mix drinks and bartend for my friends.. I’m not a real big drinker but when I find a mixed drink I like its a wrap.. Right now Malibu Baybreezes maybe my drink of choice that may change .. Lets C what happens after i try this one …  Please if anyone else tries this recipe let me know how it is…  HAPPY DRINKING

To make the marshmallow-infused cake vodka you’ll need:Image

1 750 ml bottle cake-flavored vodka
1 16 oz bag marshmallows
large clean jar with tight fitting lid

Place marshmallows in jar.
Pour in vodka.
Seal and allow to sit for 24 hours.
Strain through a double layer of dampened cheesecloth. Dampening the cheesecloth stops it from soaking up any of the vodka.
Store in sealed bottle in refrigerator. Keeps for several weeks.


To create the cake-tini you’ll need:
2 ounces marshmallow-infused cake vodka
2 ounces cherry soda
1 maraschino cherry

Chill all ingredients.
Pour vodka and soda into a mixing glass – stir.
Pour into martini glass.
Drop cherry in bottom.




The other day i read an article about a young guy around my age that had a dying wish for his family to fulfill … After reading this article felt the need to share to everyone it so touching .. just seems like your heartless if this doesnt touch U …  Life is to short to be angry .. tomorrow is never given enjoy today as if were your last …  Hope you take the time to read the article and maybe even share with someone else … get the word out and even though I did not know Aaron Collins may he Rest in Peace ….


Listen to the video w/ lyrics  ????

then tell me is it just me or every time U hear the WHISTLE song by FLO RIDA all u can think about is blowjobs, whether it be giving one or getting one .. I also find myself singing and whistling along all happy go lucky  … Can I really be a freak (nothing wrong w/ a freak ) I just didn’t think I was one LOL ???  Does anyone else besides me think this too or do I officially claim the title FREAK and continue to Whistle and hopefully fulfill my dream profession to be a Porn star LOL  .. feedback is welcomed



Red robin just opened up in my area @the woodbridge mall .. So Today I went to Red Robin (YUM) for the first time ever.. I was so excited as I would imagine anyone would be I thought it was a fast food like chain but to my surprise it was a restaurant with a bar and all ( I may just like this place )  … well let me tell you I was SO SO disappointed it first started when I tried to take my order to go I was told to go to the bar then at the bar got told I had to sit and eat because they were only open less than a month WEIRD but Ok not a problem.. I sat down because I still was so excited to try Red Robin I first noticed that not a single server or employee for that matter had a smile on there face… I ordered my food..  I got asked how I wanted my burger cooked the person I was with was never asked guess they figured since we were together we wanted our burgers cooked the same way it took some time but was expected as it had just opened up in the area and this didnt bother me at all …Red Robin in case you did not know is known for there bottomless Fries… Ok so my partner got asked if he wanted more fries, me not at all… I had to ask for them myself and then had to ask twice  I had seen that managers were going around so figured one of them would eventually come over and ask how things were going  ..since the restaurant is still so new and all one would think they would appreciate the input.. NOPE that never happened the while time I was there not a single one of the 2 managers that I saw that were on duty even addressed me… it was like I was invisible .. I kinda felt discriminated against just couldnt figure out why??? Then to top it off to me the food was just OK .. nothing special to say I have to go back or even to recommend to anyone.. well Red Robin U have failed me …  Not a fan of Red Robin  two giant thumbs down  

Just Sunday

Ever since I was a little girl I always though of Sunday’s as going out for Breakfast day… I love to cook just hate to make breakfast … generally my breakfast consists of  egg whites and a cup of coffee ( hold back the excitement ) .. so when Sunday comes I hear Denny’s and there whole wheat pancakes with Pecan (can we say YUM) … So I decided to change up my Sunday routine of going out to breakfast and grabed a wrap for lunch at my local Quick Check store which normally does a good job on subs ..But tell me why today I ordered a turkey wrap and when I get home I had a tuna wrap, to make it worse the sub was actually marked turkey #EPICFAIL .. I ate it cause I really didnt feel like driving back but just feel that ppl that work in customer service should take a second longer to make sure they got the customers orders right … I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate someone messing there order up …  til next blog XOXOXO

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